Effluent Plant



We can offer experienced professional assistance for the operation of on-site effluent treatment systems.

From primary screening right through to full treatment and water re-use.

We are highly experienced in the control and management of food industry effluent plants.
Having many years of practical "day to day" plant running where plant overloading is common.
Our experience and skills can help you to get your plant running again quickly, after serious
overloading has resulted in disaster.

Our staff  are practical people with a wealth of knowledge and experience built up over many
years of dealing with difficult effluent disposal situations.

Should the worst have happened and you have a pollution incident to deal with, then call our
"HOT LINE". We can enlist specialist environmental service contractors and deal with the 
local Water Authorities on your behalf.
When Time Counts Our Experience Will Be Invaluable.


Call and discuss your needs

Tel :  01823 680119    (24 hours a day 7 days a week)
Mobile :  07768981196      Fax : 01823 680119 

E-mail neil@nem.org.uk

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