Spray Ball Designs

Section 1

Rotating Spray

Spray pattern





Fixed (standard) spray balls















Slotted, rotating spray balls




Careful selection of the correct design of spray device is of vital importance to the effectiveness of any C.I.P system







This type of spray device is best suited to use in vessels that have difficult to remove "burnt-on" deposits.

The high pressures and directional jet have excellent soil removal characteristics.

Atomisation is rarely a problem, however a "boost" pump is often needed to ensure sufficient pressure is available.

Cleaning can be achieved in a very short time  (as little as 4 minutes in some sites). 

Both "open" and "encased" designs are available. Capital & maintenance costs are relatively high.



Standard Spray balls

Cleaning times of 30 - 40 minutes are not unusual.

Atomisation can be a problem when pressures exceed 3 Bar. The maximum effective rinse range of this type of ball is between 2 & 3 metres.

The spray pattern for each ball is fixed, however there are a wide range of spray patterns available to suite a wide variety of vessel shapes.







Rotating slotted ball diagram




Section 4 Alternatives
An alternative to the spray ball is the Turbodisk manufactured by BreconCherry



Turbodisc tank washers are designed to produce a dense all-around spray pattern and to operate at low pressures.  They are available in a 180 spray pattern for concentrated cleaning in one area of a tank or in a 360 pattern for all-around coverage. 

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Fury Type Spray device

Enclosed device



This type of spray ball offers a fairly low cost, low maintenance option.
However relatively low pressures are required resulting in longer cleaning times

Spray patterns


The slotted rotating spray ball has evolved from the standard ball, offering the ability to handle somewhat higher pressures, with the inevitable reduction in cleaning times.

Maintenance costs are higher than for a standard spray ball but lower than for a rotating jet.











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